Young Company Showcase 2017

  • 24 October 2017
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Fourteen emerging businesses took exhibitor places at the YCF Annual Conference in September - read more about them in the Showcase brochure

Role Models

  • 07 June 2017
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The first of YCF's monthly series featuring entrepreneurs still growing their companies, who are role models for those just starting out, and willing to give information and advice, have been compiled into a document which can be downloaded here.

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YCF readers save 20% when ordering this new book online - details at the end of the review

Getting to exit: trade sales

  • 24 October 2017
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The speaker's slides from the YCF Annual Conference on 15th September 2017 are now available

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Why do young companies matter?

  • Gazelles and elephants

Some years ago, economist David Birch of research firm Cognetics Inc discovered the counter-intuitive fact that small businesses create more jobs than large ones.

He classified businesses in terms of wild animals. The large, publicly quoted firms that have shed millions of jobs over the past few decades are elephants. Small businesses that create jobs when they start up but then grow very little are mice. And fast-growing businesses that start small, then double in size and double again, are the gazelles. For the past several decades, the most effective job creators have been the gazelles and the mice.

This insight has been at the core of much public sector policy since then, and the recognition that starting and growing small businesses is crucial to the well-being of a modern economy has led to a raft of support measures and strategic initiatives.

Not all young companies turn into gazelles, but early stage investors are trying to identify those that might, often focusing on technology start-ups which promise ‘disruptive’ change in their markets.

This is the territory covered by Young Company Finance – we track and write about early stage companies with high growth potential, which have had or intend to look for external investment by business angels or VCs to help them realise their ambitions.

Young companies

  • Are you looking for investment?

On this website you can find details of investors who have actually put money into young Scottish companies over the past five years (see our Investors listing), and advice on how to select suitable investors to approach for finance.

You can also have your company included in our Companies seeking investment feature, and increase your chances of being spotted by an interested investor.

We have special subscription rates for young companies which have had or are seeking external investment, and would like to keep in touch with trends in the world of investors and investees – for details click here.


  • Are you looking for new investment opportunities?

Our Directory of young companies lists all the spin-outs and start-ups about which we have written in the past five years, with links to the articles in which they feature.

If you would like to keep track of who is investing in whom, our Deals Monitor gives a complete five year listing.

The full texts of all articles, and the full searchable Deals Monitor list, are available to premium subscribers – for details of subscription rates click here.

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