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AberGene, ABERDEEN (07 Jun 2001)(Find Articles)

About Tack, Haddington (12 May 2008)(Find Articles)

AccuNostics, Forres (07 May 2013)(Find Articles)

Accura Health, IRVINE (10 Sep 2001)(Find Articles)

Ace Aquatec, DINGWALL (31 Dec 2007)(Find Articles)

Acid Test, York (17 Sep 2013)(Find Articles)

Acosim Systems (UK), Perthshire (21 May 2013)(Find Articles)

Actual Analytics, EDINBURGH (25 Aug 2009)(Find Articles)

Adrok (Radar World), EDINBURGH (01 Dec 1997)(Find Articles)

ADSPAD, Strathclyde (13 Feb 2009)(Find Articles)

AdvanceToGo, Edinburgh (27 Nov 2012)(Find Articles)

Adventi, BELLSHILL (23 Apr 2002)(Find Articles)

Affect Labs, Edinburgh (10 Apr 2008)(Find Articles)

Affective Media, BROXBURN (01 Apr 2002)(Find Articles)

AFG Media, Gullane (16 May 2007)(Find Articles)

Agenor Technology, Melrose (31 Oct 2006)(Find Articles)

AIMS(INT), DUNFERMLINE (28 Jun 2002)(Find Articles)

Airborne Energy, Edinburgh (21 May 2010)(Find Articles)

Aircraft Medical, EDINBURGH (29 Jun 2001)(Find Articles)

Alba Bioscience, Edinburgh (18 Oct 2006)(Find Articles)

Alba Photonics, Edinburgh (16 Oct 2009)(Find Articles)

Alba Ultrasound, Glasgow (07 Aug 2000)(Find Articles)

Albagaia, Linlithgow (10 Mar 2000)(Find Articles)

Alivox, EDINBURGH (17 Feb 2005)(Find Articles)

Allatus, Edinburgh (16 Nov 2011)(Find Articles)

Ambicare, St ANDREWS (04 Mar 2004)(Find Articles)

Amici Procurement, Irvine (05 Apr 2005)(Find Articles)

Amivox, Not known (13 Apr 2007)(Find Articles)

Amoebics, EDINBURGH (16 Sep 1998)(Find Articles)

Amphotonix, GLASGOW (08 Nov 2004)(Find Articles)

Anabo, Ediburgh (19 Jun 2008)(Find Articles)

Anacail, Glasgow (03 Nov 2010)(Find Articles)

Anarkik3D, EDINBURGH (02 Feb 2007)(Find Articles)

Ankur, EDINBURGH (14 Mar 2005)(Find Articles)

Antoxis, ABERDEEN (30 Mar 2005)(Find Articles)

Appshare, GLASGOW (21 Nov 2007)(Find Articles)

Apsu Environmental, Edinburgh (23 Sep 2010)(Find Articles)

Aqua21, Edinburgh (07 Jun 2010)(Find Articles)

Aquamarine Power, EDINBURGH (12 Jul 2007)(Find Articles)

Aquascot, Alness (19 Jan 2004)(Find Articles)

Aquatic Diagnostics, STIRLING (15 Aug 2001)(Find Articles)

Aquila BioMedical, EDINBURGH (01 Feb 2011)(Find Articles)

Arnlea Systems, INVERURIE (22 May 2001)(Find Articles)

Arrayjet, DALKEITH (11 Aug 2000)(Find Articles)

Ateeda, EDINBURGH (25 Nov 2005)(Find Articles)

AV9, Glasgow (26 Sep 2008)(Find Articles)

AviIT, DUNFERMLINE (04 May 2004)(Find Articles)

AWS Ocean Energy, INVERNESS (21 May 2004)(Find Articles)

Axiope, EDINBURGH (24 Sep 2002)(Find Articles)

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