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Young Company Finance (YCF) is a publication which tracks and reports on early stage high growth companies in Scotland.

The organisation focuses in particular upon how young companies finance their development from start-up to maturity, but also reports news about senior appointments, business awards, product launches, and sales successes – in short, any of the milestones which such companies must pass on their way to profitability.

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Latest Events & News

YCF Annual Conference 2022

YCF’s conferences take a broad theme that gives a variety of speakers the opportunity to set out their own knowledge or experience in different ways. This year, we focus on the business essentials which are crucial to a young company’s ability to survive and grow.

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Investor news

A number of angel groups reported their most active years to date

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Steedman, new annual sponsor

Steedman Accountants are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Young Company Finance (YCF).

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Long Reads

We will be posting longer articles here – for example analysis and comment on the young company sector.

Five tips for getting your IP ready to face investors

Understanding what intellectual property (IP) your business has, how it may be protected, and its value to your business can be the difference between a successful pitch to potential investors, or them declaring “I’m out!”

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Risk Capital investment in Scotland 2021

The following series of charts builds up a picture of total equity investment in early stage Scottish companies in 2021, in the context of a difficult couple of years as COVID affected all parts of business and the economy.

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