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Young Company Finance (YCF) is a publication which tracks and reports on early stage high growth companies in Scotland.

The organisation focuses in particular upon how young companies finance their development from start-up to maturity, but also reports news about senior appointments, business awards, product launches, and sales successes – in short, any of the milestones which such companies must pass on their way to profitability.

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Latest Events & News

SMART:SCOTLAND grant re-started

The SMART:SCOTLAND grant is a research and development (R&D) grant offered by Scottish Enterprise to support high-risk, highly ambitious projects by SMEs in Scotland.

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CivTech 6 launches 12 new challenges

The CivTech challenges are set by public sector bodies for entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses, this year including how to decarbonise manufacturing, boosting public trust in AI and managing visitor footfall in rural hotspots.

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ESA backs Orbex and Skyrora

ESA has signed contracts with Orbex and Skyrora in their separate proposals for new commercial launch services for small satellites.

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Long Reads

We will be posting longer articles here – for example analysis and comment on the young company sector.

The life sciences sector in the context of the pandemic

Since YCF annual sponsor Burges Salmon opened its Scottish office in Edinburgh in May 2019, it has advised a number of early stage businesses in the life sciences and healthcare sector, which has involved negotiating with large pharma companies, universities and key investors.

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Inclusion off the table. Is Basecamp right?

The topic of workplace wellness and inclusion has rightly been top of the agenda for business leaders, as huge swathes of the workforce are still working from home.

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