YCF 2020 Great Expectations: investors and investees working together

A fully virtual event, replacing our usual face-to-face conference but with the same emphasis on added value and networking


The theme of the conference this year is the relationship between investors and advisers, in which both parties have the same ultimate aim of growth and success, but have to deal with a number of points at which their interests may differ.

We will hear from investors and investees, and panel discussions will debate the issues arising and answer questions from the audience. We have divided the programme into three sessions, each addressing issues arising at different stages of a company’s development, and each of approximately 45 minutes. After each session there will be a 15~20 minute breakout period to let delegates follow up with further questions, and make contact with other delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Further details are given below.

There is a limited number of opportunities for organisations to co-sponsor or exhibit at the event, which will mean promotion through the conference website for ten weeks prior to the event, online meetings, lead capture, audience polling, and more. If you would like to consider taking one of these slots, please email editor@ycf.co.uk

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Written by Published: 30/06/2020 Conferences

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