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Annual Conference

YCF 16th annual conference

Standing out from the crowd

Friday 14th September 2018, 09:00 to 16:30 Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

Each year YCF’s annual conference takes a broad theme that gives a variety of speakers the opportunity to set out their own knowledge or experience in different ways. We have talks by industry professionals –investors, analysts, business advisers – interspersed with presentations by entrepreneurs from early stage high growth companies.

At last year’s conference, several speakers emphasised the need for young companies to highlight their differences from competitors, not only when making sales, but also when convincing investors or potential acquirers that the business has value. This year’s conference picks up this theme, and will look at ways in which companies can stand out from the crowd – not only with their products or services, but also for example with their culture and values, their choice of business model, or their strategy on raising finance.


We will have speakers from a range of backgrounds, together with presentations by successful local entrepreneurs, always a popular feature of our conferences. The four conference sessions will have the following themes, with the emphasis on early stage companies – start up - in the first two (morning) sessions, and on more established companies – scaling up - in the afternoon sessions:

  • One size doesn’t fit all - business model, financing strategy (different companies have different financing needs on their route to profitability)

  • Values and culture

  • Standing out from the crowd - access to finance

  • Standing out from the competition - marketing

The New Subscriber rate of £250+VAT includes both a delegate place at the conference, and a half-year subscription to YCF’s monthly publication. To find out more, and book a place at the conference, visit the Eventbrite site.

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