AccelerateHER Awards 2020


The Awards Final took place live on YouTube on 26th March.

All winners secure a free slot on a market-building mission to Europe or North America to showcase their business to industry contacts and global investors.

Disruptive Innovation


Tersha Willis, Terrible Merch

A full service music merchandising company that creates high quality, sustainable products fans want


Chantal Epp, ClicknClear

Officially licensed music for performance sports – users can instantly license and download music tracks for different sport applications

Fiona Gillies and Christine Hartland, SMASH Media

An advertising agency using granular data to determine the true effectiveness of purchased media.

 CleanTech and Climate


Elaine Galston, Tubular Sciences

Tubular Sciences is developing metal to metal, permanent pipe connection technology for the oil & gas sector.  Its SPRINT fully automated, cold formed pipe connection system requires fewer personnel than field welding and brings assets online faster and more economically.


Jacqueline Morrison, Cedeco Contractors

An offshore and renewables engineering contractor that combines engineering with learning & experience to come up with a better way of working.

Aslihan Penley, Nomad Engineers

Nomad Engineers is a company created by a couple of Engineers with the goal to deliver urbane and elegant technical solutions to the world.  It also offers consultancy and advisory services in respect of cloud adoption and security best practices.

FinTech and Cyber Security


Sheila Hogan, Biscuit Tin Planning

The company has developed a secure digital storage vault for important documents that can be posthumously released to family members and other loved ones.  COVID-19 Response: Biscuit Tin is free for everyone until the end of 2020.


Dr Tayyaba Nafees, CyberShell Solutions

CyberShell preempts weaknesses in software design that could be exploited by hackers, enabling companies to protect against attacks before they happen.

Kiran Bhagotra, ProtectBox

Automating buying the right cybersecurity for small and medium businesses

 MedTech and Science


Lise Pape, Walk with Path

Path Finder LaserShoes help people with Parkinson’s overcome walking problems


Diane Harbison, Decipher Analytics

Decipher aims to transform and refine patient data to learn more about diseases, generating as much data as possible for a better understanding, improving current prescribing, finding new treatments, and helping to detect diseases earlier.

Claudia Freigang, Hearing Diagnostics

Developing the next generation of hearing screening technology.

At the semi-finals on 25 February, Monika Ohashi, CIO of fintech business PolyDigi Tech was named as this year’s Rising Star, which recognises a female company founder with a great early-stage business idea.


Written by Published: 20/04/2020 News

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